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GINI Initiative

Gainesville Immigrant Neighbor Inclusion Initiative

The GINI initiative is an advocacy group made up of (60+) mostly volunteers from a diversity of backgrounds, professions, countries, and cultures to push our community to become more welcoming and inclusive of immigrants. Our Steering Committee has members in five different Work Groups, each with a particular focus: Health, Education, Safety, Civic Inclusion, and Language Access.

Since our formation GINI has helped:

  • Get the County of Alachua to allocate $875,000 in funding for language access, the creation of an Immigrant Liaison position, and the funding for resource aids for immigrants
  • Get the City of Gainesville to allocate up to $500,000 in funding for language access, the creation of an Immigrant Liaison position, and the funding for a Community Guide and other resource aids for immigrants
  • Receive acceptance from local health care providers and law enforcement for the Human Rights Coalition's Community ID
  • Provide workshops to local organizations and agencies aimed at addressing Language Access
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Immigrants made up 11.3% of the total population in Gainesville in 2019*


immigrants lived in
Gainesville, Florida, in 2019*

24.4% of the total population growth in the city was attributable to immigrants*
Here's a bit about the Work Groups:

Safety: This group discusses ways to ensure a safer community for immigrant neighbors. A couple of the strategies they have been working on are supporting the Community ID program and advocating for its use, increasing access to crime and safety resources, and coordinating Listening Sessions between Law Enforcement and the immigrant community.

Civic Inclusion: This group discusses how to get immigrants more involved in the community and increase inclusion. This group has recently been focused on helping coordinate immigrant-friendly and immigrant-focused events, and pushing for more better access to public resources. We are currently working on Welcoming Week, September 9-18

Language Access: This group focuses on increasing language access in our community. We, together with the leader of the group, Laura Gonzales, have helped to coordinate Language Access Institutes (workshops to teach agencies how to increase their language access and create Language Access Plans), a program that is planned to continue.

Health: This group discusses ways to increase access to health care for the immigrant community. This group has been especially focused on increasing language access and helping to increase awareness of its necessity among many different health care providers, many of whom attended the Language Access Institutes.

Education: This group strategize how to increase education access for immigrant neighbors. They are currently working on coordinating Parent Assemblies - opportunities for immigrant parents to speak with representatives of the Public School system and learn about their rights and best practices regarding education.

Free Language Access Materials
  • Language Identification Guides: A card organizations can use to find the primary language of patients/clientele who have limited English proficiency and also serves as a guide to effectively use an interpreter/interpretation services.
  • “I Speak” Cards: Free Informative pamphlets for Limited English Proficient speakers, with a removable “I Speak” card. The pamphlet provides the holder with critical phrases in English and includes the directions/reasons for using the detachable card. The “I Speak” card informs whoever the cardholder is communicating with what their primary language is and their need for an interpreter. The card also acknowledges their legal right to an interpreter at any organization receiving federal funds. These cards will be available in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, and Arabic.
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Upcoming Opportunities

Education Assemblies:

Aimed at bridging the information gap between Alachua County’s education system and immigrant families, providing guidance on how to navigate the requirements and expectations for both students and parents.

Language Access Institute:

Language Access Institutes will be free workshops available for agencies and government services on how to build a language access plan and integrate a language line.

Complex Journey Event:

This event will be an interactive experience, where participants can actively engage with Eugene Agyei's piece and share their experience of the exhibition as well as their personal stories and languages. Check our Upcoming Events page for more information.